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Free shipping

Applies to purchases above €80

Rope filling is a gift!

For every speargun purchase with a reel

Custom Band Setup

For any type of speargun!
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Free shipping

Applies to purchases above €80

Rope filling is a gift!

buying a muzzleloader

Custom Band Setup

For any type of speargun!

Free shipping

Applies to purchases above €80

Rope filling is a gift!

Free for any speargun reel combo

Custom Band Setup

For any type of speargun!

Services Groupex

Setting up Spearguns, Diving Buoys,
Speargun Custom Conversions

In 2018 we decided to create Groupex, an online store fully specialized in underwater hunting. the factors that made us stand out in the market were the knowledge we provided through our experience of many years freediving, spearfishing and actual research and development of our teams spearguns through custom upgrades directly affecting strength, accuracy, and maneuvarability. These types of setups or conversions of conventional spearguns to Invert Rollers- Polyspasts (Demultiplied Spearguns) provide the power and speed and accuracy needed to catch the most difficult prey in the mediterranean ocean with zero recoil. We also setup various accessories bought from our shop such as Diving Buoys, lines, fish stringers, etc. Today having hundreds of loyal customers who trust us and have supported our company we have tripled our dynamics and can ship very fast to the destination given.

Now, having dozens of happy Spearos, we have tripled our potential and can ship immediately and quickly!
See our services and take advantage of our experience to setup your speargun wherever you are in Greece!

Setting up a Buoy

With the purchase of a Buoy and one of the accessory kits selected in the available options, Groupex gives you the set-up as a gift. By choosing a Buoy, there is an option of a kit you may select with that include (Bungee) Shock Cord with Olive Cleats, Rope Winder combined with a reinforced floating rope and a detachable weight connected to the end. We prepare it for you free of charge so that you can receive your complete Diving Buoy ready to inflate and to use.

Setting up a Speargun

Groupex undertakes to set up your speargun, with any type of custom setup you desire. Whatever Band configuration you choose, here are the prices of our services for various options of speargun types. Service Price list

1.Single Band open-muzzle4€
2.Μονολάστιχο κλειστού τύπου, με ρακόρ ή Κοτσιδάτο Μονολάστιχο6€
3.Open-Muzzle double band setup8€
4.Double banded rope-through muzzle (pony tail)12€
5.Κοτσιδάτο Τριλάστιχο18€
6.Roller τύπου Pathos (ένα κομμάτι λάστιχο)9€
8.Διλάστιχο Invert τύπου MVD28€
9.Τριλάστιχο Invert τύπου MVD37€
10.Διλάστιχο Invert ή Μονό Fusion30€
11.Τριλάστιχο Invert40€
12.Τετραλάστιχο Invert ή Διπλό Fusion50€
13.Hepa type65€
  • The prices refer to the service provided, along with the accessories, (lines, ropes and inserts) that each speargun will need. Bands are charged seperately by cm.
  • All ready made bands leave from us at your request in your order notes.
  • All finished bands are cut and trimmed on the edges by Groupex before they are tied with absolute precision in their length. This is a time-consuming task that guarantees you an amazing result!!

Convert your speargun into an Invert

Groupex turns your conventional speargun into an invert/ polyspast

See if your speargun is on the list below. Spearguns are divided into three main categories

A. "Easily convertible to Invert"

  1. All MVD models

  2. All Bucanero models

  3. All Pathos models except "Alma" and "Sniper"

  4. Όλα τα ψαροντούφεκα που έχουν στρογγυλή εσωτερική διατομή διαμέτρου Φ26, βίδες λαβής από την κάτω μεριά και κάθετο μουλινέ

Το κόστος μετατροπής κυμαίνεται από 145 έως 180€. Η τιμή εξαρτάται από το μήκος του ψαροντούφεκου και το κόστος των υλικών που θα χρησιμοποιηθούν.

Cost of conversion includes: MVD muzzle and pulleys, necessary accessories, ropes and labor. In case your speargun shaft or reel needs to be changed the cost of these is extra and is defined by the price lists of our online store.

B. Monoblock constructions by Bleutec

Lycan, Acid, Black Eyes, Raptor, King Cobra, Nemesis and Oceaborn.

Η μετατροπή στο σώμα των ψαροντούφεκων της εταιρείας Bleutec (Monoblock κατασκευή κεφαλής invert και άγκιστρα γίνεται από το εργαστήριο της Bleutec και η εγγύηση των ψαροντούφεκων εξακολουθεί να ισχύει. Κατόπιν, τα ψαροντούφεκα έρχονται στο εργαστήριο της Groupex και στήνονται  με επιλογή τροχαλιών ανάμεσα σε MVD, Bleutec ή Harken και τη μάρκα των ελαστικών που επιθυμεί ο πελάτης.

Το κόστος μετατροπής στα Monoblock ψαροντούφεκα της εταιρείας Bleutec κυμαίνεται από 170 έως 200+€. Η τιμή εξαρτάται από το μήκος του ψαροντούφεκου, την επιλογή τροχαλιών και το πλήθος των ελαστικών.

C. Wooden spearguns, whose manufacturers do not undertake their conversion.

The cost of conversion to wooden spearguns starts at 185 euros and increases depending on the length of the speargun, the number of bands, etc. As in the other cases, the conversion is defined as the Monoblock construction of the speargun head, pulleys, ropes, bands and labor.

*The time we will need to convert your speargun depends on the workload of the season and ranges from 2-14 days.

Come & Go

  1. Send us a text message with your name and mention that you have a speargun to send us.

  2. When we reply to you (with full shipping details) you send it to us by an ACS courier branch at a consignee charge.

  3. We check your speargun and return it to you at the charge we received from the courier (special partner rate).

*The purpose of this service is to charge our customers as little as possible for transporting their speargun to us.
**Caution! The packaging should be tight, to occupy as little volume as possible so no extra fee is applied. The cost of the service is €1.60/kg volume and its weight (calculated by ACS) with a minimum charge of 4kg, i.e. 6.4€, which is the average volume of a properly packed speargun. Each additional volumetric kilogram is charged with 1.6€, based on our price list.


The collection of products from our location is by arrangement

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